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Welcome to my den

Welcome! |Request| by TheDragokitty
Hey, stranger don't get lost i will guide you.

Floating Heart (Black) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Stamp attack Floating Heart (Black) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Stupidity by Foxxie-Chan Bad Mood Stamps Smiling by stamps-club Older - Krissi001-Stamps by stamps-club

Rainy & her friends

Don't let you fool by her cuteness - Rainy
sexy daddy (XD) - Crowley
Alien - Maple
smart witch - Cassie
the clumsy idiot - Felix
oldschool man - Nethan


patrol night - Rainy by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX
patrol night, on the cemetery by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX

rude boii - crowley by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX
bite me - rainy by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX

did i ever let you down? - Rainy by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX
ice cream (part 4 read it) by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX

There is no escape of pain and death

Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX Request by SweetMoshi

does anybody read the stories i make with my art? O.O , i mean i am trying to make mini comics with words so um does anybody read it, or would like to read? 

15 deviants said yes
5 deviants said no
3 deviants said maybe
3 deviants said no i didn't but i would like to start now ;D
1 deviant said ......


that awkward moment when you read gaybird instead of graybird Laugh LOL 
okay.. i would like to try again roleplay.
so somebody up for?

before we start i would like to tell some stuff.

1: english is not my first language, i still sometimes need to search up words.. how to spell them (not always 2/10 ) 
2: sorry if i use those wrong > , & . & ' < 
3 i use those for doing stuff * 
like this *he walked over to the table* when my oc talks i use those "  like this "hey there, how are you? " and i use those - for thinking like this *he looked at her and thougth by him self - wow she is pretty- and looked quick away* 
4: i am not always online, i have now exams, and about 2 weeks i have internship, + i am still working on my comic story, the comic stories use the most time
5: any roleplay is fine, mostly i always have a oc for it, if not i will make one.. i only don't really like human roleplay but i can do it ^^ i have still 1 or 2 human ocs. 
6: most roleplay i do = Furry,feral beings, i do realistic and fantasy tell me before we begin.. :3 
7: don't kill me if i don't replay i have a life outside interne -.- 
8:  i am in roleplay open for friendships,mates,gf,bf,mate,wife,husband,friends,enemies ect. i would like to bond my ocs with onther ocs, + it could be fun i could even draw them :3 i could use it for later to pratice my art style
9: smut,nsfw 18+ is allowed, just don't do it too quick, like we didn't even begin and you are already  f88888ng my oc XD keep the pensor calm or cat ;) 
10: don't be shy in the rp, free your will if you oc wants to hit mine, juet let him/her do it, if you oc wants to kiss mine let him/her do it, if he wants to pin her let him do it, don't hold your emotions back, let them free it will be much funner :D
11: don't be a attetion seeker, or somebody who does sudicine, i mean you can do it, but don't go extreme please, yes i do love sad ocs and support them, but be easy on that xD it's just a rp
12: the site's i use for roleplay = Facebook,devianart (note or journal or activity) discord (but i a almost never on it) , hangouts, i could use onther stuff just tell me xD
13: sorry for the ppl that did in the past roleplay with me, i wasn't 
comfortable  with my english, i was scared that i kept typing the wrong things, and the senteces were very wrong, sorry i always have a scare for that...

so if you would like to do an rp with my i would gladly <3
ok i am feeling kinda nice.. 

only taking 5 for now.

so um drop your wolf/cat ocs and i sketch or just draw them, ill choose how to draw them, don't be mad if i turns out bad, or if i don't have the correct colors, those will be drawn afther i come home afhter school, and i am today out in 16:35 + 15 to get home so i am somewhere 17:00 home, so be patient!!!!!!!!!! )_) 
MY my god, i am terrified DX
afther a long time, i finally need to go again to the dentist, and call me a cry baby because i am terrfied but i really am, wish me good luck, :( *sobs* i really hate tomorrow.. really wish me good luck DXXX 
rip my cat art style
few years ago you could see the diffrence between the cats and wolves, now my cats looks likes wolves XD well... xD
how do you put journals in gallerys? 
so, i am bored and lack of ideas, so give me ideas to draw, no idea is crazy *wink wonk* i will draw anything

i might even do  my oc X yours 
just give me ideas, love ideas, friendship,sibelings,fighting, hate/love relationship anything just GIVE ME IDEAS FUCK

Reana my bi*ch wolfy :3

Wut a badass by Keyura-Aruta-999
Commish 7 part 1- Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX by MangledArtist203
:REQUEST: Reana by IAmAmory

*~ Fan Stamp: Reana Adrian Fan Stamp ~* by Pompom-Pomelo Reana Adrian Stamp by Misses-Weasley

Icons by onthers (want to know the artist? click on the icon, not so hard right?

Reana Run Icon (Commission) by Maplesplashdraws152 Animated icon for Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX by NightwishPersian Testversion by starcatcher-night Reana pixel by AwesomePaw Ocean man by Wolfey-Draws Reana Stargazing [YCH] [G] by MyPawPrint [REQUEST] Icon for XxWhitewolf-LonerxX by shatteredcrystalz

icons by me
practice icon by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX reANA by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX Welcome by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX trying new stuff out by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX hehehe by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX enjoying the snow by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX bye by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX Reana icon by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX mlem by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX


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some donation would be very helpful, since i really need sometimes them.
feel free to donate how much you want

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ShadowTheLeader Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey not to be rude, but our rp is done?
Cuz you don't replied.
(I'm just asking, don't be think this is rude. But if this made you confused, I'll apologize:))
Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No No the. Rp is not done i woke up yesterday with a heavy headace and wanted to rest so i wasn't on the computer the whole day. And today i can be a bit but not too much.
ShadowTheLeader Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh ok:)
Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it hurted so much, that i almost started to cry.. 
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Varagka Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav!
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